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  • Choosing a Runner Width

    Shop for Stair Runners by Width While there are no “rules” for your runner width, you may find it helpful to begin your search within a width category. The largest hall and stair runner selection

  • Approximate Runner Width

    All stated stair runner width dimensions are approximate. As with many products, stair runners are manufactured with what is considered an acceptable tolerance. Most often roll runner material is

  • Custom Width

    Roll Runners materials are those offered in specific widths - however, if your project requires a custom width or varying widths, we offer a specific group of products in custom sizes - your width,

  • Shop for Stair Runners

    Start your hall and stair runner project by visiting Shop for Stair Runners - This will bring you to our main product categories where you can sort and filter Stair Runners by Color OR Width OR

  • Stair Runner Categories

    SHOP FOR STAIR RUNNERS QUICK SHIP STAIR RUNNERS - Need a runner quickly? Products in this category are readily available - Please contact us with your length need so that we can determine if the

  • Linear Foot Pricing

    A linear foot is a length measurement equal to one running foot of material, commonly used to describe an object's length or the running length of a material. - A linear foot measurement is a simple

  • Square Foot Price

    One square foot is defined as a unit of area measurement equal to a single square measuring one foot on each side. Square footage is an area measurement - a two-dimensional measurement of width by

  • How is stair runner material sold?

    Stair Runner materials,* those which are offered in a number of fixed width categories are sold by the running or linear foot. Each runner product page has a drop down menu in order to select the

  • Cutting For Approval (CFA)

    At times a customer has a concern about the current dye lot color or the current width (width can vary somewhat) of the manufacturer's existing material. If you do not have these concerns, but would

  • Reveal

    The exposed portion of the step, landing or hall alongside the runner. This is one thing to consider when choosing your runner Width. There are no “rules” as to the reveal. It is very uncommon for a

  • Filters

    Filters will appear along the left hand side of our Category Pages allowing you to filter for Color, Width and Fiber. You can also stack products by lowest or highest price or name.

  • Do You Have A Showroom?

    Thank you for visiting I'm afraid we do not have a showroom to visit - we handle all sales through our website. Samples are handled through our Swatch Service. Please see links

  • Border

    Runner products used for hall and stair runner projects often consist of a design that includes a border and Field. The border is generally a design running along the sides of the runner which is

  • Stair Runner

    Also known as a Roll Runner– a rug or carpet material manufactured in a narrow width on a long roll typically 80 to 100 feet long. This material can be cut to custom lengths and is sold by the linear

  • Return Policy

    Runner products are cut from a roll, are considered a custom order and are therefore are not returnable. The Stair Runner Store (SRS) is confident that you will be pleased with your purchase. Our

  • Swatch Service Policy

    Swatch Program Details- With your runner order of at least $500.00, swatch fees up to a total of $35.00 per customer are refundable. Refunds are processed when the completed runner order ships.

  • Swatches - Learn More

    Swatch Program Details- With your runner order of at least $500.00, swatch fees up to a total of $35.00 per customer are refundable. Refunds are processed when the completed runner order ships.

  • Do you carry coordinate area rugs?

    Although few, some stair runner products are part of a coordinate rug collection. Please inquire with regard to the specific runner product you're interested in and we'll be happy to discuss the

  • Serging

    A yarn wrap edge finish found on the side edges of runner products. Serging also describes an end finish option we offer. Also known as “over-sewing,” this is a method of finishing the cut edge of

  • Straight Staircase

    STRAIGHT STAIR RUNNER INSTALLATIONS A straight staircase is certainly the simplest style and very easy to calculate the footage needed for your project. Please use our Staight Staircase Calculator

  • Roll Runner

    Roll Runner also referred to as Continuous Runner, Runner by the Linear Foot or Stair Runner material is manufactured in a variety of narrow fixed widths on very long rolls often 80 to 100 feet in

  • Hall Runner

    Stair Runner or Roll Runner material is manufactured in a narrow width on a long roll. This material can be cut to custom lengths and is sold by the linear foot for use in hallways or anywhere a

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms May Change Purpose of this site Colors Disclaimer Indemnification Links to other websites Copyright Notice Privacy Policy Your use of The Stair Runner Store® website is governed by these terms

  • Landing

    Landing: An intermediate floor or platform between flights of stairs. Landings permit directional changes in the staircase. We use the term "landing" when discussing or describing much of the custom

  • How do I measure for a stair runner?

    For a straight staircase footage needed can be determined using a simple calculation which requires the number of steps and the size of your steps. For a staircase with a landing we offer a quote

  • Decorative Stair Hardware

    Decorative Stair Hardware is a beautiful added design element. The Stair Runner Store carries a large selection of these products. Although we can source other stair hardware products, those on the

  • End Finish Explained

    Runner End Finishes Explained End Finish options are found and can be added on each of our runner product pages when ordering. End finish prices are for two ends. Runner products are cut from a roll