How do I measure for a stair runner?

For a  straight staircase footage needed can be determined using a simple calculation which requires the number of steps and the size of your steps. For a staircase with a landing we offer a quote form which allows us to provide footage for your project based on a specific runner material - footage varies based on the runner pattern when there is a landing or other custom fabrication required. 

  • Please use our Straight Staircase Calculator to find the footage needed for your straight staircase project. This calculator asks for your tread count and uses the most common step dimension of 19 inches. The straight staircase calculator button can also be found on each runner product page. A typical straight step consisting of a riser + tread will each typically require 18 to 19 inches of material. (some are as much as 20 inches) We typically find that most straight steps require us to order 19″ of length per step.  
  • If you have a landing within the staircase, (your staircase is not straight) and would like us to fabricate a custom landing the calculation is more variable. For this type of project we have a Custom Landing Quote Form. Generally the form asks for the type of landing, number of steps below the the landing, the landing dimensions, landing direction when walking up, the number of steps above the landing and your runner material choice. To create a custom landing, the runner pattern repeat must be added to the footage for each landing or other custom finish. Please contact us with any questions. 

NOTE:  Measuring for a stair project is certainly important in order to avoid a shortage of material.  Used correctly, the tools and information on our site will help you to come up with the correct calculation and amount of material. However, a stair runner is never calculated or cut to an exact dimension - it should always be a bit longer than needed, and cut to its final dimension during installation. (A hall project which most often has a fixed end point and requires an end finish on the runner itself will need to be more precise in its dimensions.) 

 - Calculating the amount of material needed when using one of our Custom Width products is more complex - these products are priced by the square foot. Please Contact Us for more information.

Please look over the measuring information available on the site - if you find that you still have questions please Contact Us

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