Custom Width

Roll Runners materials are those offered in specific widths -  however, if your project requires a custom width or varying widths, we offer a specific group of products in custom sizes - your width, your length.  

Couture Runners by StairRunnerStore = Carefully Curated, Fashionable, Made-to-Measure Runners backed by 24 years of hall and stair runner experience and the quality workmanship we're known for. 

Couture  /ko͞oˈto͝o(ə)r/ - design and manufacture of fashionable products to a client's specific measurements. 

These Woven materials are sold/quantified by the Square Foot.  Your Width, Your Length:

  • Custom Landing Shape - custom landings will add waste and therefore cost to a project. Please Inquire
  • Custom Hall Runner
  • Custom Stair Runner, Stair Carpet runners. 
  • Custom Rug Size/Shape

(min/max sizes apply)

Thoughtfully chosen Woven carpet materials which are the best type of construction for stair runners, hall runners. These products can also me made into coordinate area rugs allowing for endless decorating possibilities. More Styles Coming Soon!- Please Inquire

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