Landing: An intermediate floor or platform between flights of stairs. Landings permit directional changes in the staircase.

We use the term "landing" when discussing or describing much of the custom fabrication work we offer, so our definition of a landing is largely driven by stair runner applications available for a staircase: 

  • It is common to refer to the first or second floor (at the bottom and top of a stairway) as a landing, but for our purposes a landing is within the staircase since this is where custom stair runner fabrication is most often needed. Very often - the staircase ultimately "lands" in first floor foyer, and on the 2nd floor in a hallway connecting rooms. 
  • In most cases there is just one landing within a staircase - however, it is not uncommon to have *2 landings within one staircase. 


  • Lower Stairs: the section or group of stairs below an intermediate landing. 
  • Upper Stairs: the section or group of stairs above an intermediate landing. 
  • *Mid-way and Uppermost Stairs: on a staircase which has 2 landings, this is how we might refer to these sections or groups of stairs. Midway stairs are between the 2 landings. Uppermost stairs are those above the higher of 2 landings. 

Our Custom Landing Quote Form is available on our runner product pages so that you can request a quote for your project and a specific product. For custom width materials please Contact Us - the quote form is not yet available on those pages. 

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